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The Founders Club

The Founders Club is a premium club for people who are passionate about supporting the development and dissemination of research that helps financial planning professionals meet the increasingly complex needs of today's clients. Together, we will ensure that financial planners have the necessary information to help their clients achieve financial and overall well-being, today and in the future. Your commitment will build a strong foundation for this critical research.

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Eligibility & Commitment

Once you have committed to the Founders Club, you are eligible for the specific annual benefits during the course of your committed term (the years you will be contributing). After your period of commitment, you will continue to receive the benefits of Gold Membership. All Double Diamond members will receive your benefits for life.


Thank you to the members of the Founders Club for their generous support.

Double Diamond

Dan Busi

Cary List


Debra Ammeter

David Christianson


Christine Abarquez

Cheryl Bauer Hyde

Barbara Buryn

Derek Dedman

Ronald Dick

Denzil Feinberg

James and Deborah Kraft

Ruby Jean Lougheed Yawney

Graeme W. Martin

Pierre Yves McSween

Christopher Robinson

Suresh Tejpal

Sylvain B. Tremblay

Wade Van Bostelen

Bill Watt

Peter Andreana

Kathleen Blom

John De Goey

Tina Di Vito

Bryan Doull

Yves Giroux

Easwaramoorthy Krishnapillai

Michael O'Connor

Izumii Miki McGruer

Sterling Rempel

Greg Snider

Kate Thompson

Rod Mitchell Tyler

Peter Volpe

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